· All natural ingredients
· Absolutely no concentrates
· Vegan
· No palm oil

At Fearne & Rosie we’re all about jams that burst with fruity goodness. We pack each jar with more fruit helping everyone to eat a little healthier. Great tasting jams that are big on fruit and even bigger on flavour!

Top Tips for balanced lunchboxes:


We’ve teamed up with Children's Nutritionist (RNutr), Laura Matthews, to offer some top tips for healthier lunchboxes that won’t break the bank…

- Keep lunch boxes varied with different breads such as a seeded bagel, multigrain wrap or a crusty roll, there’s so much choice these days!

- Opt for wholegrain where possible, as it’s higher in fibre too.

- Packed lunches don’t always have to be sandwich based; last night’s pasta or pitta pizzas will hold up well and are helpful if you’re working to a budget.

- Aim to include a portion of dairy food, such as a carton of plain milk, yoghurt or cheese. Or opt for fortified dairy alternatives if following a dairy free diet.

- Use a crinkle cutter on fruit and veg sticks such as watermelon or cucumber to add an extra point of interest!

-Keep your cupboards well stocked with tinned foods, they’re an economical option and handy when you’ve run out of fresh food.

- Tinned pear or peaches in juice rather than syrup (due to the reduced sugar content) are a great addition to a packed lunch.

- Instead of including sugar-filled biscuits and chocolate bars, why not try swirling a spoonful of reduced sugar jam, such as Fearne & Rosie Strawberry Jam through plain yoghurt and stir through a crushed oatcake for extra crunch? This would be delicious too with strips of pancake or apple sticks for dipping!

- Don’t forget cutlery (wooden, not plastic) and of course a paper napkin to wipe up sticky hands!

- Think about batch baking some healthier sweet treats such as traybakes, muffin and scones that can be stored in the freezer – this is a great way of saving a few extra pounds.

- And if baking doesn’t take your fancy, then there are lots of ‘no bake’ recipes online to try too.

- When it comes to your weekly food shop, remember buying larger size formats of lunchbox staples (e.g. jams and spreads) works out more cost-effective overall and will obviously last a lot longer too!

- For younger children include a joke or lunchbox love note that they will enjoy finding and showing off to their friends! Think ‘You’re dino-mite’ or ‘I love you berry much’!

Laura Matthews, Children's Nutritionist (RNutr).