Great Taste

Great news, we taste great!

A smidge excited to hear that Fearne & Rosie has been awarded three Great Taste Awards by The Guild of Fine Food!

⭐️ Strawberry
A glossy, soft- set jam with a fresh, ‘strawberry fields’ aroma.

⭐️ Strawberry Super Berry
Glossy and shiny- a delightful super berry jam.

⭐️ Blackcurrant
The taste is outstanding!

A further on our Strawberry Jam-

‘Cheers for a reduced sugar jam that lives up to its description. This proves you can make a jam with much less sugar and bring out the real taste of the fruit’.

Thank you so much for your support Guild of Fine Food .

Let’s spread the word! 🥳

Have you tried Fearne & Rosie yet? 🍓