Our Story

Our Story

Drew and I met in Liverpool at university in 2003.

We moved to Yorkshire (Drew’s home) in 2008 where Drew began working as part of his family business Raydale Preserves.

I have always said ‘you should do a reduced sugar jam for children’. However, as a busy teacher the idea never really got any further.

Fast forward to 2018 and after 2 maternity leaves in 2 years (and the arrival of our Fearne and Rosie!) I have now been able to develop a range of reduced sugar jams and no added sugar sauces specifically marketed at children.

I felt that as a parent there needed to be better food options available for our children.

Not a health food but a healthier food.

So that when we are busy and making quick meal choices we know that the products we are using are of the highest quality, low sugar, low salt, no junk and with no compromise on taste.

It’s my little dream. I’m really proud of it and overwhelmed with the support we’ve had so far.

Please follow us along on our journey. We’re just getting started. 😊

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